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Level One

Level One: Winning in the game of life™

Introduce children to the Game of Life - a fun, interactive way to learn the universal spiritual principles for achieving happiness, confidence and lasting fulfillment. If you want to play the game, first you have to know the rules. During video adventures with Ari, a curious young boy, and his guide, Mr. Why, children will discover the basic guidelines to the Game of Life, including the purpose of effort, sharing and so much more. Each video lesson also includes easy-to-follow activities, such as art projects and reading recommendations, to allow children to practice their new understanding of themselves and the world around them.

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Level Two

Level Two: Exploring the journey of life™

After uncovering the rules to the Game of Life in Level 1, Ari and Mr. Why are back with new friends to help children on the next level of their journey towards true fulfillment. Like any game, a new level comes with new challenges. Children will navigate concepts like cause and effect, judgement, the power of words and appreciation. A whole new set of fun activities and games will once again help children learn how incorporate these new spiritual principles into their everyday lives.

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