Level 1: Winning in the Game of Life


This is the story of a young boy named Ari who, like many boys and girls, is idealistic, wide-eyed and a little bit sarcastic. This sarcasm gets him into trouble when he visits Mr. Why’s toy store. Mr. Why sees an eagerness to learn within Ari and gives him a special game called The Game of Life. Ari rushes home to play the game and finds himself trapped in an alternate universe where he needs to learn the rules of the game in order to get back home to his own life. Luckily, along Ari’s interactive journey, Mr. Why is his guide. Together with your boys and girls Ari discovers that everything he is learning in the game helps him in real life as well.


When our children feel frustrated and helpless, we can empower them by providing tools to discover their true potential. This lesson introduces SFK’s analogy and central theme, “Life is like a game,” and will guide you in teaching your children the importance of rules and that knowing and following the rules will lead to a happier and more fulfilled life.


More toys! Extra candy! New video games! It seems that no matter how much our children receive, they always want more. In this lesson, discover what truly motivates their desires in the Game of Life.

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Spiritual fulfillment is our goal in life, but sometimes, our children lose their way in achieving that goal. They may feel lost, scared or frustrated – like dark clouds loom over their heads. In this lesson, we learn that just as the sun is always shining behind dark clouds, so is the Light – the source of positivity, strength, clarity and certainty – always available to us.

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“I can’t do it!” “I’m not good at anything!” “I’m so dumb!” We often hear our children utter these phrases of frustration when they feel discouraged, doubtful of themselves and ready to give up. With this lesson, they will begin to recognize their own Light, self-worth, innate goodness and unique abilities.

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Whether it’s eating junk food, fighting with friends or cheating on a test, we often catch our children doing things they know they shouldn’t do. In this lesson, they’ll discover what it is that entices them to make decisions against their best interest.

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Our children often place the responsibility of their happiness and fulfillment on their friends, teachers and most often, us, their parents. In this lesson, they’ll learn that long-lasting fulfillment and happiness are a result of choices they make for themselves.

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It seems like the more we give our children the less appreciation they have. In this lesson we’ll discover the greatest gift we can give our children – the gift of earning.

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Our immediate reactions to challenges happen so quickly that they seem impossible to control and even harder to overcome, but there is a formula that can help stop these reactions in their tracks.

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We continuously encourage our children to share – share their toys, share their space, share their kindness, share when they want to and when they don’t. They grow to see sharing as the “right” thing to do but often fail to see how sharing helps them. In this lesson, children will discover the spiritual benefits of sharing, providing them with the true motivation to share more.

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We learned the spiritual benefits of sharing and now, we want to share!, But, how do we really share? Is sharing always the physical act of giving? Children may believe that sharing always means conceding, but sometimes, it means saying no. In this lesson, your children will explore the true meaning of sharing with themselves and others.

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Caught up in their emotions, our children seek to fulfill their need for immediate satisfaction without thinking about the effects of their actions. In this lesson, they will learn to see themselves as part of a whole and recognize that their actions affect not only themselves but others as well.

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Whether they know it or not, our children all have the potential to be leaders in their lives. How do we as parents help them grasp the true meaning of being a leader? This lesson will help children recognize their ability to be leaders everyday and understand that their actions, big or small, create change and make a difference.

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What will Ari choose? Will he finally go back home? Is he ready for Level 2? Press play to find out!

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